Please Rob Us Blind (Service Credits)

by Bill Kervaski in Tips

Really, we mean it, we really do want to give you free phone service.

We even build a little economy right into VoiceHub in the form of service credits.

It's easily possible to pay for your own service by just actively referring new customers.

Invite! Invite! Invite!

When you sign in to look for the "Invite" link, usually in the upper right hand corner (that's the last place I saw it).

You really don't have to do much work to earn service credits, really, just use our invite system to tell your friends about VoiceHub and we'll do the rest.

You get credits for inviting them, a whole lot of credits when they sign up, and even some every month they stay a customer.

And from time to time with promotions and specials we'll up the exchange rate so you can really take us to the bank.

There is even a store in the works where you can use your service credits to buy swag and other junk that we would probably give you anyway if you just asked.

End of line.